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Sawdust crusher

Product characteristics:
Wood crusher (wood crusher) is a special equipment for wood crushing series invented after years of research and design according to the needs of China's industrial production. Because of its reasonable design, compact structure, safety, durability and high production efficiency, it has achieved good results after popularization and use. The whole set of equipment is driven by only one motor, with low noise, simple structure, compact layout, low price, stable work, low energy consumption, high output, good quality of wood chips and low processing cost.

Principle of operation:
Wood chip mill (wood crusher) uses blade cutting and high-speed air impact, collision and double crushing functions in one, and can also complete the micro-material sorting process at the same time. In the process of blade cutting and comminution, the rotor generates high-speed air flow, which rotates with the direction of blade cutting, accelerates the material in the air flow, and repeatedly impacts the material to be double comminuted at the same time, accelerates the material comminution rate.

The main engine of the sawdust mill (wood crusher) consists of three parts: the rotor, the upper body and the lower body. The crushing chamber adopts multi-stage crushing process and fine crushing principle device, which is characterized by high impact, high production efficiency and fine crushing ability. The whole machine of wood chips crusher and wood crusher is composed of main engine, fan, analyzer, dust collector, etc. The components are compact in structure and reasonable in layout. They are characterized by convenient operation, safe use, good sealing and low noise.

Main uses
Wood chipper (wood grinder) integrates slicing and grinding. It can cut branches and trunks with diameter of 1-20 cm. It can also be used for chipping bamboo, grass, corn stalk, sorghum stalk and other fibrous stalk materials.


1. Turn on the power supply to see if the steering is correct.

2. When replacing the cutter, the cutter edge extends 2-4mm out of the cutter disc plane, and then tightens the bolt. If the pressure bolts are found to be worn out, they should be replaced immediately to prevent the slippage of the cutter head nuts.

3. To change the expansion of the knife, the length of the knife must be the same.

4. When the particles can not reach the ideal size by adjusting the length of the cutter, the sieves with different apertures should be replaced.

5. It is strictly forbidden to throw wood with stones and nails into the machine in order to prevent damage to knives and internal parts.

6. Attention should be paid to check the hammer bolts. If they are loose, they should be tightened immediately. When the hammer and bolts are worn seriously, they should be replaced.

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