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The Application of Wood Carbonization Equipment

Wood carbonization equipment is made from high-quality core shell as raw material and refined with the best production technology. The product has strong adsorptive power and does not contain soluble organic or inorganic substances harmful to human body. This product is widely used in water treatment engineering of group and household water purifier, drinking water machine, power plant, petrochemical industry and so on.

Wood carbonization equipment is refined by carbonization, activation, overheating and steam process. It is a kind of activated carbon with black amorphous particles in appearance and processed by a series of production processes. Wood carbonization equipment is widely used in drinking water, industrial water and wastewater deep purification, industrial water purification and gas phase adsorption, such as power plants, petrochemical, refineries, food and beverage, sugar and liquor making, medicine, electronics, fish farming, shipping and other industries water purification treatment, can effectively adsorb free chlorine, phenol, sulfur and other organic pollutants in water, especially mutagens. (THM) precursor substances to purify impurities and remove odors. It can also be used for industrial tail gas purification, gas desulfurization, petroleum catalytic reforming, gas separation, pressure swing adsorption, air drying, food preservation, gas mask, catalyst carrier, industrial solvent filtration, decolorization, purification, etc. Separation, purification and purification of various gases; recovery of organic solvents; decolorization, deodorization and refining of sugar, monosodium glutamate, medicine, alcohol and beverages; extraction of precious metals; catalysts and catalyst carriers in chemical industry. Products are more decolorization, purification, impurity removal, deodorization, odor removal, carrier, purification and recycling!