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 Metal Shredder

The metal shredder is composed of motor, hard tooth surface reducer, rotary cutter shaft, imported moving cutter, fixed cutter, frame, frame, box body, working platform and other main structures.
The fixed knife is installed on the frame of double-axle metal shredder, and the removable embedded moving knife is installed on the rotating axle. The number of moving knife depends on different types and the size of rotating axle. The moving knife can be used on four corners. The angle can be changed after blunting, and then grinding the knife until four sides are blunt. Because it is claw moving knife, rotary cutting, and the fixed knife and moving knife are imported SKD11 material. After treatment, the hardness is over HRC 60 degrees, so the service life is long, the cutting ability is strong, the production capacity is high, and the normal use of more than 1000 tons is required to grind the knife. The double-axis metal tear machine can be controlled by PLC programmable, with high automation and easy operation.
Use of double-axis shredder
The double-axis shredder is used to break large hollow materials (large containers such as plastic barrels) and various mixed wastes, especially those containing metals, or to pre-break the wastes containing sediment, which are easy to wear tool. The machine runs at low speed, and the noise and dust can reach a higher environmental protection standard. Tool thickness and number of claws can be changed according to different materials. The density and shape of fragments depend.