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Charcoal Rod Machine Use and Maintenance

1: Before each flight starts, check the flexibility of each rotating part and abnormal noise. The air plane can be put into production after 2 to 3 minutes of operation.
2: Raw materials must be treated, the maximum particle size is less than 3mm, water, binder, curing agent, after mixing and retorting for 24 hours before they can be used.
3: Blockage occurs at the lower outlet, dredged with wooden or bamboo strips. Do not use metal rods.
4: The bearing in the rotating part of the machine should be injected with lubricating oil regularly, and the temperature of the bearing part should not exceed 60 degrees.
5: Stop cutting before stopping, wait for the material in the cylinder block to be squeezed out, stop, disassemble the machine head, clean and reinstall, for use after work.
6: In order to make the motor run under no overload, it is recommended that the user install an ampere-voltmeter and adjust the cutting volume and water content according to the ampere meter.
Coal rod machine is a new product after years of research. Coal rod extruder is one of the main equipments in the fuel forming section of ammonia fertilizer plant and gas plant. It extrudes fuel pulverized coal into circular (or hexagonal or square) rods with certain strength, and enters the new process of combustion in the gasifier to replace the traditional process of burning lump coal and coal ball gasification. Using coal rod machine to make coal rod can make full use of pulverized coal. In the process of making coal rod, there is no need to add lime, which reduces the cost of fuel, improves the calorific value of coal and has higher economic benefits. In addition, the equipment is small, does not need carbonization drying equipment, does not need steam, saves investment and reduces the area occupied. At the same time, it provides a reliable guarantee for manufacturers to effectively use cheap pulverized coal instead of high-price coal, so as to reduce production costs and improve economic benefits.