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Charcoal rod machine Installation and Debugging

1: Before installation, all parts and components must be thoroughly cleaned to remove rusty substances that have been transported or stored for a long time, and to check whether the parts and components are damaged or not.
2: According to the basic plan, concrete is poured into the foundation and screw holes are left. After the concrete is solidified, the coal rod machine is hanged on the concrete foundation. The screw holes are aligned and the secondary concrete grouting is carried out. After the foundation screw is solidified, the machine is calibrated by the level meter. After the machine is stabilized, the machine can be tested.
The lubricating parts are lubricated before the test, and the amount of oil is moderate. Check all bolts for loosening and tighten them. Point the machine to see if there is foreign body or abnormal sound. All confirmations are correct before starting operation. And check whether the power direction is correct.
After 3 to 5 minutes of idle operation, all the normal materials can be put into trial production. The new machines should be uniform and moderately wet and dry (12%~15% moisture content in general).