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Spontaneous Combustion Log Charcoal Furnace

Working principle

The equipment adopts dry distillation carbonization method, and the wholesale production of charcoal is alternately produced by three separate co-heating furnaces. The furnace body adopts sealed carbonization and is equipped with horizontal loading and unloading track. The carbonization cycle is short, the qualified rate of products is high, the energy consumption is low, the area is small, the output is large, the starting is flexible and convenient, and there is no environmental pollution.

The specific steps are as follows

1. The gasifier device is used to ignite sawdust, rice husk and bamboo chips through a gas-driven furnace to produce flammable gases.

2. Combustion of flammable gases, heating of carbonization tanks, so as to carbonize firewood sticks (logs, wood blocks, bamboo blocks, coconut shells, etc.).

3. The combustible gas produced in the carbonization process is returned to be purified with the gas produced in the gasifier, and the wood tar, wood vinegar and gas are decomposed and recovered for reuse.

4: Pull out the sealed tank which has been carbonized and cool it. Push the sealed tank which has been equipped with firewood sticks (logs, wood blocks, bamboo blocks, coconut shells, etc.) into the carbonization furnace for sealing. Make full use of the temperature of the furnace body to save heating energy and reduce heating process and time.


Summarize the three stages in the working process of log charcoal furnace as follows

The first stage: drying stage; from ignition to carbonization furnace temperature gradually rose to 160 C, when the moisture contained in the fuel rod mainly depends on external heating and the heat generated by combustion of the fuel rod itself for evaporation.

The second stage: the initial stage of carbonization, which mainly relies on the combustion of the fuel rod itself to generate heat, so that the temperature of the carbonization furnace rises to 160-280 C. At this time, the thermal decomposition reaction of wood materials began to take place, and the composition of wood materials began to change. Among them, unstable components, such as hemicellulose decomposition into co2, cobalt and a small amount of acetic acid and other substances.

The third stage is the comprehensive carbonization stage, which is also the final carbonization stage. The temperature ranges from 280 to 400 and the wood material is decomposed rapidly. At the same time, a large number of liquid products such as acetic acid, methanol and wood tar are produced. In addition, flammable gases such as methane and ethylene are produced, which are burned in the furnace. Thermal decomposition and gas combustion produce a lot of heat, which makes the furnace temperature rise. Wood materials are distilled to carbon at high temperatures.

Continuous Carbonizing Furnace-Log Carbonizing Furnace Description

A production line of log charcoal furnace: the basic type is a gasifier + a charcoal furnace + three charcoal tanks, which can be configured according to the specific needs of customers. The largest production line is a gasifier + four charcoal furnaces + 12 charcoal tanks.