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What problems will be encountered in the work of charcoal machine?

The charcoal machine is a machine which crushes into granules within 10 mm by the wood chips crusher, then dries and shapes them by the dryer and puts them into the carbonization furnace for carbonization. Automatic charcoal machine often encounters some debugging problems, how should we solve them?
The debugging method of automatic charcoal machine starting correctly:
1. All connecting bolts of the charcoal machine must be tightened, especially the three top axes of the heating drum.
2. After ensuring the stability of the equipment, check all smooth parts of the equipment, such as bar making machine, crusher, dryer, and add gear oil to ensure the smooth operation of the equipment.
3. Connect the power supply of the main control box and adjust the safe wiring. At this time, do not easily start the machine, you can start three to five minutes of empty silence to see if there are abnormal phenomena, such as cards, bumps, etc., if not, you can put them into normal production and use. Once the above situation occurs, the inspection must be stopped immediately and the failure should be completely eliminated.
4. New machines need to ensure that the equipment is preheated slowly. Only when the temperature rises can the machine start and enter.
5. In the feeding process, remember not to be too fast. When the automatic charcoal machine can be shut down for 30 minutes, it will run normally. Now it shows that the test operation has been successful and normal production can be carried out.
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