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Wood Pellet Machine


Description of Wood Pellet Machine
This wood pellet machine is a vertical biomass pellets making plant which can be used to press and form biomass materials such as sawdust, logs, branches, peanut shell, bamboo shavings, bark, branches, cotton pole, maize straw, medical, mushroom residue, wine, furfural slag, industrial waste slag, etc.
Features of Wood Pellet Machine

/Biomass-Pellets-Sample1. Automatically detect the mold temperature, improve the production conditions, stable production operation.
2. Composite roller structure, the eccentricity and wear clearance can be adjusted, in order to improve the utilization rate of the mould.
3. Special alloy steel mold, special structure design and process, prolong the life of the mold, improve the utilization rate of the mould, reduce the maintenance cost.
4. Full automatic intelligent detection system control feeding volume with uniform and reliable feed;
5. High output, low energy consumption, reasonable equipment structure design, good performance, excellent fatigue resistance, cost-effective.
Technical Parameters
Model Power
Pellet Size
Ring Die
Inner Diameter
L*W*H m
TC450 55 4-12 450 0.3-1 2.2*0.9*1.6 3
TC550 75 4-12 550 0.7-1 2.3*1*1.78 5
TC560 90 4-12 560 1-1.5 2.6*1.3*2.3 6.3
TC680 160 4-12 680 2-2.5 3.2*1.4*2.4 8.5
TC850 220 4-12 850 3-4 3.75*1.65*3.25 12.6
TC880 315 4-12 880 4-5 4.3*1.9*3.6 14.5