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Continuous Carbonization Furnace

Product Description

Continuous carbonization furnace is a horizontal rotary carbonization machine employed to make charcoal powder (charcoal dust) from powdered raw material such as sawdust, wood chips, crushed straw, stalk, peanut shell, coconut shell, etc.

The biggest advantage of this rotary carbonization machine is that it can get fully carbonization of powdered raw material inside the moving rotary body. It has large capacity, so it is a good choice for large scale charcoal production line projects.
Users do not need wood as heating source, it has many fire mouth at the bottom of rotary body, flammable gas can be lit from the mouth to heat the machine. The important thing is that users must has a gasfier and purifier system to produce flammable gas. The good news is that the flammable gas is from the machine itself, which means the production is green and recycling.

Technical Parameters

Product Model Speed Capacity Size m Power kW
Horizontal Carbonization Furnace 1000 3-5/Min 400-600kg/h 1.4×2.7×9.6 4
1200 800-1200kg/h 1.7×3.1×12 5.5
1500 1500-2000kg/h 2×3.5×12 7.5

Successive carbonization machine are made of carbonization, pulverizing and molding. It adapts advanced technologies what can reasonable recycle methane, carbon monoxide, and oxygen and so on. Thus solve the questions what ordinary charcoal furnace produces dense smoke during carbonization to pollute environment and who provides heat energy. The process can satisfy itself in working process. It is chartered by continuity, economical, environment protection, energy consumption, high efficient, fully using agricultural and forestry residues, eases contradiction of both supply and requirement. It makes great contribution to greening environment.

Environmental protection continuous carbonization furnace is still use of gasification carbonization principle, the use of advanced smoke-free environmentally friendly carbonization process: the entire equipment from the gasification system (gasifier, spray tower, dust collector), purification system Leach, oil and water separator, filter), carbonization system (carbonized host, screw feeder, screw feeder, cooling machine, conveyor, finished cooling warehouse), control system (control cabinet), the entire carbonization Process for automated production, automated operation.
Continuous charcoal making machine can turn the raw material (sawdust, rice hull, weeds and shells, straw) into charcoal. When the moisture content of raw material is more than 15%, raw materials need a dryer to dry first. It is selling well for its easy operating, high capacity, and good quality.
Continuous carbonization furnace is the charcoal making equipment that makes the rice husk, sawdust, bamboo, peanut shells, plant straw and other carbonaceous biomass material (the size of granular is below 15mm ) carbonized in the furnace under high temperature conditions by dry distillation, anaerobic carbonization, to get high rate carbonized material.
The whole set of equipment consists of Gasification system (Gasifier, spray tower, dust collector), purification system (spray tower, oil and water separator, filter), carbonization system (carbonization furnace, screw feeder, screw cutting machine, cooling machine, conveyor), control system (control cabinet).
Working Principle

This carbonization furnace is fueled by the syngas (carbon monoxide, methane, ethane etc.) from the furnace itself. The biomass raw material will produce plenty of combustible gas during the pyrolysis of the carbonization process, the syngas will became pure combustible gas after wood tar, wood vinegar other impurities was isolated by the filter and purification system.
The Gasifier is used to preheating the carbonizer, when the temperature reach to 300°C, the feeding screw conveyor start to feeding raw material into the carbonizer. The material will produce fuel gas, which will be collected and used to heating the carbonizer after cleaning by the filter and purification system. The temperature of carbonizer will control at 600 degrees Celsius.
When the carbonizer can produce enough flue gas and reach to self-sufficient combustion, close the Gasifier and open all the flue gas valve of the carbonizer gradually, finally achieve flammable gas self-sufficiency carbonization.