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Hopper Feeder


Product Introduction:
Tongli hopper feeder is used for feeding powdered material or small particle material, which can get the materials shunted evenly to two or more feeding branches. It carries out  two-way or multi-way material flow  ratio control with material flows meeting any proportion.

Features of Hopper Feeder:
1. The hopper feeder is with simple structure, uniform feeding, continuous performance, and adjustable exciting force.
2. Controllable flow rate, easy operation, eccentric block as the excitation source, less noise, low power consumption, no materials spreading/loss.
3. C
losed fuselage to prevent dust pollution, which is good for stable vibration , reliable and long service life.
4. Users adjust the vibrating force at any time and control material flow rate, vibration motor provides vibration source with less noise and power  consumption. 
5. Simple installation, light weight, small size, easy maintenance.

Technical Parameters:
Product Name
Hopper Feeder
5450*730*2650 (mm)