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Annual Output 1,500t Charcoal Production Line

Intorduction to Charcoal Production:

The heat and pressure of the extruding process hold the charcoal together. The general charcoal production flow can be Raw Material Crushing--Drying--Shape Forming--Carbonization--Final products. So the charcoal making equipment shall be Crusher--Dryer--Charcoal Extruding Machine(shapes:logs, rods, briquets, etc.)--Carbonization Furnace and other auxiliary equipments.

The carbonization of wood is brought about by heating it to temperatures high enough for it to undergo substantial thermal decomposition. Temperatures reached in the process are usually in the range 400-500℃ and a mixture of gases, vapors and a solid residue (charcoal) results. The temperature reached in the production process has a marked influence on the composition and yield of the charcoal produced.


Machine-Made Charcoal:

The raw material of machine-made charcoal can be sawdust, straw, rice husks, peanut shells and other agricultural wastes. The mechanism charcoal has the advantages of long burning time, less combustion flue gas and high combustion heat. There is not so much requirement in the storage of machine-made charcoal, just get the charcoal cooled completely before storage so as to prevent fire disaster in the warehouse.