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Structural features of rotary tablet press

1. The upper half of the machine is sheet pressing structure. Its composition is mainly composed of three parts: upstream, middle and downward pressing. The 19 punching dies around it are evenly arranged on the edge of the turntable and the tail of the upstream and downward punch rods are embedded on the fixed curve guide rail. When the turntable rotates, the upstream and downward impulse will move up and down with the curve guide to achieve the purpose of sheet pressing. 。

2. The main working processes are: (1) filling; (2) pressing; and (3) discharging. Three procedures are carried out continuously. Filling and pressing are controlled by adjusting mechanism, accompanied by tables and instructions. It is easy to operate.

3. The machine adopts the flow grating feeding mechanism, which can make the material fill the die hole evenly and reduce the discrepancy of sheet weight.

4. The motor is mounted in the frame, the worm drive turntable is driven by a triangular belt, and the continuously variable speed belt pulley is installed on the motor shaft. Through the movement of the motor, the speed can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the use is safe, reliable and noiseless.

5. The side of the machine base is equipped with powder suction box, which includes blower, powder storage room and powder filter room. When the machine is running at high speed, flying powder and falling powder of medium mould are produced. The powder is removed by the powder suction nozzle, so as not to stick and block, and the operation is stable and normal.