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Institutional Description of the Rotary Tablet Machine

1. Upper Press Wheel Frame Device

The upper cover is an integral castings, and the pressure wheel is installed in the groove. It is sleeved on the crankshaft. When the pressure is too large on the surface of the pressure wheel, the eccentric moment of the crankshaft will compress the spring, increase the distance between the upper and lower pressure wheels, reduce the pressure, so as to protect the safe use of the parts and the die, regulate the pressure, change the length of the spring by rotating pattern handle, and make the spring compressed. The force is just enough.

2. Upper Track Device

The guide disc is a circular disc with heat-treated guide plates embedded around it. It is fastened by screw. The groove at the upstream tail runs along the convex edge of the guide rail, and makes a trajectory ascending and descending motion.

3. 19-hole turntable device

The turntable is an integral casting with 19 vertically and evenly arranged die holes around it. The device 19 in the hole is used for punching die, which is integrally sleeved on a fixed vertical shaft and is driven by a worm when working. The whole turntable rotates clockwise with all the punching dies.

4. Drive shaft attachment clutch device

The transmission shaft is horizontally installed in the bearing bracket, with worm in the middle, test handwheel at the front end, tapered disc clutch at the back end, handle control switch and parking. The contact of the clutch is transmitted by the pressure of the coil spring. If the load of the machine exceeds the pressure of the spring, slippage will occur, so that the machine will not be seriously damaged.

5. Feeder Device

Bucket cone bottom hopper and Moon-shaped recirculating grate feeder are used for feeding the press wheel and pressing the sheet. It should be noted that the plane of the feeder should be calibrated to the turntable at the end of the contact. Generally, the gap is 0.03-0.1 mm. The gap can be adjusted by the support device. In order to adjust the height of hopper and control the flow rate of powder, the height of powder must be based on the size and filling amount of particles. It can be observed that the storage amount of powder in the grate feeder should not spill out to be qualified. After adjustment, the knurling screw on the side should be tightened.