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Spiral conveyor


Product Introduction:
The spiral conveyor is a new conveying equipment  for coal, cement, clinker, sand and other small particle materials with power device, gear box, coupling, screw axis and hanging bearing. The screw axis is made of several sections connected with spline, so the conveyor has large load capacity and convenient to dismounting. Using the besel on the casing can ensure a safe operation.

It is easy to install, so this spiral conveyor can be used for cement plant or conveying powder in field working.  It is applicable for transporting powder granular and small blocked bulk material, such as clay powder, cement, concrete, sand, stone, grain, coal, etc. Besides, the spiral conveyor carries out gathering, stirring, mixing, dehydrating, customizing material, unloading and stacking during conveying.
Reasonable structure, small-sectional area, light weight, good seal property, high transportation efficiency, smart technology layout , convenient installation, dismount and moving as well as safe operation, discharge materials at different stations.

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