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Institutional Description of Rotary Tablet Machine

6. Main body, lower guide rail and lower roller device
The main body is a square box-shaped, rectangular groove is equipped with a lower pressure wheel, its plane is equipped with a pair of heat-treated rail guide, which is fastened by screw. When the down-rush is running, its tail is embedded in the rail guide groove, which moves up and down with the slope of the groove. The end of the rail guide has a circular hole, which is covered by a circular area sheet and punched for the device. The lower press wheel is installed in the groove of the main body. It is sleeved on the crankshaft. The outer end of the crankshaft is connected with helical gears and worm. The worm is rotated by the gear deceleration. When the eccentricity of the shaft is upward, the press wheel rises, the pressure increases slightly, and the lower slice is thicker, so as to control the thickness and hardness of the tablet. The marking on the table plate corresponds to the thickness of the tablet from 0 to 6. Since the helical gear has self-locking function, it is allowed to be adjusted in operation, but after adjustment, the flower-shaped hand in the middle should be tightened.
7. Filling Regulating Device
The filling adjusting mechanism device can be observed in the interior of the main body and on the plane of the main body, the filling track of the moon shape can be observed. It can control the filling amount by the action of the screw. The scale of the tables on the disc is equal to the filling amount of 0.01 mm per grid from 0-45. When the disc is rotated to adjust, the filling amount increases to the right and decreases to the left. On the right side of the disc, the filling capacity is 0-15 meters in millimeters.
8. Seat and Motor Device
The machine base is a three-dimensional square box. The motor is mounted on the movable board in the seat. When the speed of withering is low, the outer circular handwheel of the machine base is rotated. When adjusting, the knurling nut in the center of the handwheel is loosened first, then the handwheel is rotated. It rotates fast to the left and slowly to the right. After adjusting, the knurling nut should be tightened, the machine base is equipped with electrical appliances, and the ammeter is installed on the front door. Button switch and red-green indicator light, when the power is connected, the red light is on. Indicates that the line is electrified. When the motor is turned on, the red light turns off the green light to indicate that the motor is running normally. The ammeter is used to measure the load of the motor.
9. Powder Absorber Device
The powder suction box is a cuboid, which is mounted on the left side of the machine base. There is a blower behind it, driven by a triangular belt, and a powder storage chamber below. The powder storage chamber is above the powder filter chamber. There are five circular powder cloth bags inside. When the blower works, the suction force is generated, so that the flying powder produced on the punching die and the powder falling from the middle die fall into the powder storage chamber through the powder suction tube. The body is turned up and discharged through the filter powder bag, and the fine particles contained in the gas remain in the filter powder bag. Therefore, after a certain period of time, the filter powder bag may be asphyxiated and ineffective. At this time, the filter powder bag and the powder tray should be stopped. The powder particles in the filter bag and the powder tray should be discharged by opening the door, and attention should be paid to the waist triangular device such as the door and the powder pipe. Whether the joint of the filter powder bag leaks or not? It will affect the efficiency of powder absorption.
10. Type C and CVT
It is installed on the axis of the motor. There are two movable sheets with inclined sides inside the movable sheet, which are supported by twelve coil springs on both sides to generate positive pressure. The variable speed method is to move the motor to change the distance between the two wheels. The triangle belt increases or decreases the radius correspondingly in the movable sheet groove, and the speed changes due to the change of the radius, so as to reach a certain level. Range of CVT requirements.