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Environmental Protection Carbonization Furnace without Smoke

Environmental protection carbonization furnace is the coconut shell, apricot shell, sawdust, sawdust, sawdust, rice husk, bamboo, eucalyptus, bacteria residue, dregs, furfural residue, coffee grounds, palm shell, peanut shell, walnut shell Carbon wood material (volume below 15 mm in granular form) in the furnace under high temperature and high carbonization rate of the ideal equipment.

The new environmental friendly carbonization furnace adds a flue gas recovery device on the basis of the original carbonization furnace. After the flue gas is recovered, it can be dust-free and smoke-free. The recovered flue gas can be ignited like liquefied gas for heating, cooking, and dryer use.

Environmental protection carbonization furnace is reasonable to use the material in the carbonization process, the production of carbon monoxide, methane, oxygen and other combustible gas recovery, purification, recycling combustion of advanced technology. That is, to solve the ordinary carbonization furnace in the carbonization process of smoke generated by the pollution problem, but also to solve the equipment required for thermal problems, fully self-sufficiency, improve the continuity of equipment, economy, make full use of agricultural surplus To make it waste into treasure, to reduce the contradiction between supply and demand of forestry resources, to contribute more to the green environment.

Hongrun environmental protection carbonization furnace have been exported to United States, Pakistan, Mongolia, Russia, South Africa, Middle East, Turkey, Malaysia, India, and European Union. For more information, please view our website or contact us via the following Email.
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