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How to Make Coconut Shell Charcoal?

How to  make coconut shell charcoal? What equipment is needed? What is the whole working process? Gongyi Tongli Machinery Factory today for everyone to introduce it to you:

1. The coconut shell shall be grinded into particles (diameter: within 3mm).
2. Put crushed coconut shell into carbonization furnace for anaerobic carbonization, and the organics, tar and moisture contained in the biomass are all carbonized during anaerobic firing process. After cooling, users can get charcoal powder.
3. Then transport charcoal powder into grinding wheel mixer for fully mixing and wetting.
4. Put the mixed charcoal into different charcoal forming machine to get charcoals of wanted shap

In the work process, in the whole production line, the equipment we used to make coconut shell charcoal include roller crusher, hammer crusher, carbonized furnace, charcoal tablets machine and charcoal ball machine. Why there are two kinds of charcoal molding equipments? In fact this is also according to customer's own choice to configure. If customers need charcoal tablets, he should choose  charcoal tablets machine. If need charcoal ball, he should choose charcoal ball machine. It is different from person to person. Moreover is according to the market demand, so the customers should inspect market first, and then decide the required equipment.

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