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       as we all know,the charcoal market is getting better and better now,in our daily life,there are so many differetn materials can be made into charcoal,the main part is woods,wood branches,agricultural wastes,and also coconut shell,palm tree leaves etc. the process can make full use of the wastes materiasl,then we can keep the environment balance.in a word,we are doing the environmental things.
      our technician find out the new type furnace named single tank furnace.it has a very special design,which includes the water tank ,this tank can  filter the smoke to avoid of the air pollution.
     This carbonization furnace is our latest carbonization equipment, which is a tank-type dry distillation carbonization stove. It has big diameter, large capacity, simple operation and wide application for charcoal raw materials. And before the carbonization, the raw material can be shaped briquettes or shapeless material such as wood logs, wood strips, etc.

To expand the capacity, users can connect several furnaces into a 1 group, share 1 lifting crane, and also connect a smoke purifier system to reduce the smoke and get flammable gas for recycling use. The carbonization stove has its own separated internal furnace with large volume. In addtion, we also provide box-type dry distillation carbonization stove that has more internal furnaces inside.

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